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A Pinterest Party on a Budget.

My Little Earth Angel recently turned one. Of course we had to throw a fab party for our friends and family… sans other little people, well, except for The Babe’s 5-year-old girlfriend πŸ˜‰

We have the rest of our lives to throw parties chasing little kids all over the place. This year we wanted to keep it simple and let The Babe be the shining star.

We decided Our bank account decided it might be best to nix the typical L.A. first birthday party: Mac&Cheese truck, bouncer, petting zoo and life-size puppet show. Instead, we had 15 of our closest adult friends and family over to our friend’s home to watch football, grub and throw cake. Oh wait, that last part was reserved for The Babe πŸ˜‰

In lieu of a hundred sticky notes and lists, I planned his party with what else? A Pinterest board! I pinned ideas that looked fun and used some of the actual recipes too. I’m proud to say I only spent $135 on this shindig! Will you show this party planning mama some love and pin some of our pics to your boards?


DIY Birthday Banner.

By far my FAVORITE thing about The Babe’s party. It took some time and effort, but it was well worth it!

You can find instructions for the banner all over Pinterest. I just made mine after eyeballing examples provided by others.Β Vendors on Etsy charge anywhere from $25-$40 to make these. However, it only cost me $9 and about 1.5 hours of my Saturday. It’s now hanging in the The Babe’s room so it was well worth my time. However, if you have the mula and want to have one made, I highly recommend Perfectly Paisley! The 12 photos represent one pic from each month of my son’s life. Again, easy, cheap and so special.Β A fun thought… have each guest write a little note on the backside of each letter for a keepsake.

The Rest.

I had my own PAR-TAY at The Dollar Tree scooping up 10 great Happy Birthday Balloons for what else, a buck each (normally $3-5 at the grocery store) plus some confetti and centerpieces. I managed to get all the cups, plates, forks, etc. there too. My wallet was happy.


Personalized Fridge Magnets.

I actually came up with this little “happy” on my own. I wanted to do something sweet, affordable and unique. I wrote a personal message on it so when people pass by their fridge they will remember to say a prayer for the Babe each day until his 2nd Birthday Party. I know… I’m uber sentimental like that πŸ˜‰

Here are the instructions:

  1. Design a 4×6 photo collage usingΒ Pixlr ExpressΒ (free and super easy to use)
  2. Save the image to your desktop
  3. Order the desired amount of copies online atΒ Costco Photo CenterΒ (they will deliver to you or you can pick them up in an hour!)
  4. Punch two tiny holes aprox 1/4 inch apart at the top of your photo using a hole punch
  5. String a thin piece of ribbon through the holes and tie a pretty bow
  6. PurchaseΒ magnet strips with adhesive backing from Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels and cut 3.5 inch strips and stick along the backside of your photo under the ribbon.
And there you have it! I spent aprox $15 on these but had plenty left over. Everyone RAVED about this and I even sent the leftovers to our family back home.

Sugar Cookies.

My BFF Sarah Foss of Apple Rose Photography not only took our photos, but she was kind enough to make SOFT homemade sugar cookies with delicious icing! Here’s a recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe that we based our recipe on. They not only tasted great but looked amazing. Thank you, Sarah!

Grand Parisian Salad.

OK, so we didn’t make this (but we easily could have!). Costco sells this delicious salad already tossed together in a bag for $4. We used two of these and there was plenty. Besides, most people just want a taste to go along with the main course…

Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches.

OH. EM. GEE. To say these were a hit is an understatement!! This was the perfect sandwich for an adult crowd watching football… oh, and edible for kiddos too! We found the recipe on Moms Who Think and will be sure to use it again! If you’re in a rush, Costco sells their own chicken salad ($9.99) and croissants (one dozen for $4.99) that are just as good.


Raspberry Champagne Punch.

Ahhh… those three words are music to my ears :) Since we went with an “adult party” we figured this would be a fabulous choice… And boy, were we right! We ran out of this halfway through the party SO I highly recommend doubling the recipe to be safe. Here is the recipe we based it off of… We nixed the beer and subbed it for the champs. It was a good call πŸ˜‰



I considered ordering a custom cake but decided it would be more budget friendly to make red velvet cupcakes (one dozen from a box Duncan Hines for only $4!) with cream cheese frosting… Yummm… The Babe got his very own JUMBO cupcake from our local Ralphs. It was a hit smash :)


A few more pics for your entertainment.


To my beloved firstborn,

I love you forever and always.


Your Favorite Girl


Show some love! Pin some items if you dig them! Or, leave a comment with your Pinterest party picks!

Photos courtesy of AppleRosePhotography

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  2. Jamie Domingo

    Awesome share. I love DIY projects! So I’ll definitely be trying these out. Thanks!

    • WifeMomSWoman

      Thanks Jamie! I love DIY too πŸ˜‰ Let me know if you try any of these!

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