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10 Things I Suck At.

I feel the need to admit that I just don’t have it all together… at least not all the time. I’ve felt like a failure this past week and while I know I’m a “Superwoman”, even a superwoman has her flaws. Here are 10 of mine:

1. I don’t like cooking. I mean… AT ALL. Which I guess can roll into my next point…

2. I don’t cook. My poor husband ate a sandwich and bowl of soup last night. Yes, that’s the same day I even wrote him that sappy love letter. Poor guy.

3.  I get really tired of saying “no” all the time. In fact, sometimes it makes me want to jump off a cliff (don’t worry, I won’t). I have a 15-month-old boy. Need I say more?

4.  I don’t clean my shower nearly enough. Don’t worry I do it when company comes. Mom… you’re coming for Christmas, right?

5.  I wash our laundry every other week. We live in L.A. That means we don’t have a washer/dryer in our own apartment. Duh. (And yes, that means we own a LOT of underwear.)

6.  Sometimes, I curse at other drivers. (#!!@*# <– at least The Babe doesn’t understand it yet!?)

7.  I am terrible about returning phone calls. I hate this about myself. I promise, I don’t want y’all to stop calling!

8.  I don’t read my Bible enough. No jokes here… I seriously need to regroup! This is probably causing #6. Sad face.

9.  I skip the Mommy&Me group when they meet on the West Side of L.A. Once again (!!!) I’m trying to stop doing #6 and sitting in 1.5 hour traffic to get to a play date is majorly screwing with my attempts at not swearing. Trying to choose the lesser of two evils??

10.  I just made a list of 10 things that I suck at. I’m way too hard on myself. Can you relate?

Thanks for letting me vent about my imperfections for a moment. It’s good to take off the mask and remember that we’re all a little messy and in need of prayer, encouragement and the occasional chocolate bar. We do a million things wrong… but there’s a lot we do right. Let’s give ourselves a break today and thank God for our imperfections. Being perfect is boring (and impossible).

Now, to go grab that chocolate bar… :) Hey wait, what do you suck at?

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