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50 (non-cheesy) Stocking Stuffers for MEN.

UPDATE (12/11/14)! After you check out the ideas below, make sure you stop by my current gift idea post, 18 Unique, Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas for Men & Women!

Welcome to my new Pinterest peeps! FYI – I updated all links as of 12/8/14… Enjoy! Like many of you, I struggle every year about what to put in the Stockings belonging to the men in my life. Trying to switch it up every year gets tiring and so I kept a little list of ideas this past year. Here are 50 unique stocking stuffer ideas for your men! {Click on any pink words to see an image of each item!} Feel free to “pin” to your holiday or gift idea Pinterest boards! Oh, and if you purchase any of the Amazon items I’ll make some money to ACTUALLY stuff a stocking for My Man this year 😉

  1. Just A Drop (If you trust me at all… GET THIS. It works & is the “gift that keeps on giving” ha)
  2. Movie Tickets (Costco sells them for a discount!)
  3. Art of Manliness Collection (I LOVE this website) or Art of Manliness “Manvotionals”
  4. Gibson Lespaul handmade wallet from Etsy
  5. $5 gift card (In-N-Out, Subway, Starbucks etc.)
  6. Cologne Samples OR one of these bad boys we reviewed (& LOVE)
  7. BBC Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) iPhone case from Etsy (LOVE THIS!)
  8. Game of Thrones or this amazeballs Breaking Bad shirt (just ordered for MY hubby!)
  9. Socks
  10. Personalized Liquor Glass Flask from Etsy (so cute!)
  11. Breathalyzer (you never know when this will come in handy!)
  12. USB stick (mix it up & give him a Star Wars one!)
  13. Ear Buds (I love these Star Wars ear buds!)
  14. iTunes gift card
  15. Personalized and handstamped guitar pick with keyring case Etsy
  16. Undershirts (I buy these @ Costco in bulk & spread them out to all the guys in my family)
  17. Amazon Book Gift Receipt (pay for the book, print the receipt, roll it up & tie with ribbon!)
  18. Personalized bottle opener wall mount from Etsy
  19. Golf tee/balls
  20. Nostalgic toy(s) from his childhood (Legos, Gi Joes, Hot Wheels)The BEST Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Men EVER. This has been pinned over 1 MILLION times - great ideas!
  21. Swiss+Tech 19-in-1 keychain multitool 
  22. Candy from his childhood
  23. Just Me and My Dad (& write a personal note inside)
  24. A handwritten poem or card (every man loves this)
  25. Bacon flavored toothpicks (I know, GROSS) or these awesome Tea Tree “Chewing Sticks”
  26. Man-food (sunflower seeds, beef jerky, pork rhines)
  27. Personalized Mix Cd (his fav songs or a “love” mix for “later”)
  28. Phase 10 Card Game (DEFFO getting this!)
  29. Longitude & Latitude Cufflinks from Etsy (look up location you met or where they were born!)
  30. Underwear (especially some “fun” one’s!)
  31. Create your own love coupon book
  32. A fun Groupon (wine tasting, massage, froyo etc.)
  33. Tweezers (especially a bougie pair like these)
  34. Custom photo luggage tags (I gave this for Father’s Day!)
  35. Sardine Can Survival Kit
  36. A special cigar + waterproof matches
  37. Pocket Ref (one of the coolest things EVER)
  38. Black Light Beer Pong Set 😉
  39. Mini bottle of a specialty hot sauce
  40. Handheld knife sharpener (my dad loves this one)
  41. Rechargeable batteries
  42. Shop Towels/Rags
  43. A cheesy movie from the clearance bin (Chuck Norris anyone?)
  44. Mini bottles of liquor
  45. Magazine subscription (Hello Esquire Kindle Edition & Men’s Health!)
  46. Flexible Grill Skewers & BBQ Pit Mitts
  47. Lotto tickets (I get 10% if you win. I kid…)
  48. Book light
  49. 2015 Facts-A-Year Sports Daily Desk Calendar
  50. A thong (It’s always fun to throw in a little “surprise”!)

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  Thanks for loving your men!


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21 Responses to 50 (non-cheesy) Stocking Stuffers for MEN.

  1. Sarah

    I love the Dharma shirt suggestion- I miss LOST too!!

    • WifeMomSWoman

      I know right?! I miss Hurley, Jack, John & Kate… Boo!

  2. Gerald

    That’s an awesome list! We need that just a drop! Lol

    • WifeMomSWoman

      Gerald that is hilarious. Glad you posted that in public for us to see. Haha!!!

  3. Gerald Blancett

    I think the “Just a Drop” sounds positive, but I think the Bacon Flavored toothpicks are just down right a necessity!

  4. J. Guillory

    Co-sign: cologne samples, nostalgic toys, swiss multi tool, restaurant gift card.

  5. Christine

    Perfect timing on this list! Was stumped on stocking stuffers this year … wanted something that I haven’t done in years past and I already am looking on Amazon to see how many of these things I can get in time for the holidays.

    • WifeMomSWoman

      That’s fantastic! Oh I’m so glad!! Let me know what your guys think 😉

  6. M. Sudduth

    Movie tickets, food, cologne, all winners, although I do need socks. That and under shirts, reminds me of what I use to buy my dad.

  7. Steve

    Bacon Flavor toothpicks. I’ve got to re-write my list to Santa. Do they sell these by the case?????

    • WifeMomSWoman

      Hehe they might 😉 Thanks for the comment Steve!

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