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Pregnant & Sexy: 7 Sex Positions to Enjoy During Pregnancy (or anytime for that matter…)

Sex Tips & Positions During PregnancyRemember that scene in Knocked Up when a preggo Katherine Heigl is freaked out about how she looks during sex while Seth Rogen is terrified of harming the baby in utero? I laugh every time I see that scene. Hollywood has done a great job of making sex while pregnant look ridiculous. (And to be honest, sometimes in reality it does look ridiculous!)

The key to sex success during pregnancy is trust between husband and wife, a sense of humor(!!), communication, and some serious creativity!

Before we get started, let’s address the question I know is at the top of your mind: Is it safe to have sex during your pregnancy? This is a loaded question and needs to be directed to your physician throughout your pregnancy. According to Gina Brown, OB-GYN, it’s OK to have sex during pregnancy, “…if you’re having a healthy, normal pregnancy.” That being said, there are some circumstances where having sex is not safe, especially during your third trimester. Make sure you ask your OB-GYN any and ALL questions you may have – they are the experts!

While many women are disinterested in sex during their first trimester (weeks 1-13) due to extreme exhaustion, many are super into it during the second and third trimesters when hormonal spikes can make some feel more aroused than ever before! Don’t believe me?? During weeks 14-40 your estrogen and progesterone levels rise causing some radical changes in your body including a boost in blood flow to your ladyparts, an increase of vaginal lubrication, and a heightened sensitivity to your ever-growing breasts and nipples. Because of these awesome perks, many women report having some of the best orgasms of their life (including multiple orgasms)!

OK. Who’s ready to get pregnant now? :)

Let’s move onto the fun stuff!

Here are 7 Sex Positions to Enjoy During Pregnancy:

1. Teaspoons:

Whether spooning to cuddle is your thing or not, this is a great position if you’re looking for lots of angles and minimal discomfort. This is also great because while you may get the benefits of the doggy style position, you can also touch and see your husband more easily, providing a more intimate experience! Make sure you avoid lying on your right side for this position. Here is more info!

2. On a chair or the edge of your bed:

I know lots of couples who swear by this. You can lean back on the edge of a chair or the edge of your bed while your husband is on the floor either on his knees or standing up. This takes nearly all pressure off the belly and makes room him to help you out in “other” ways at the same time. Here’s a bit more instruction if you need it!

3. Woman on top:

This is a great go-to position since your belly will be in the clear! Feel weird about your belly being front and center? Slip on a sexy baby doll lingerie top! Oh, and if you’d like to take a bit more pressure off you’re belly and have more control on pace and depth, try reversing your body and face his feet.

4. Policeman:

Ever been frisked by a cop?! Hope not! There’s a first time for everything… Stand facing the wall with your palms and legs spread. This one might be hard to do in your third trimester.

5. The Lap Pose:

As your husband sits in a chair you sit on his lap while facing away from him. Try facing a table or the back of a couch you can hold onto for extra support.

6. Hands & Knees:

After getting on all fours, rest your arms and head on a bunch of propped up pillows to help support the weight of your belly. HELLOOO extra plump in the trunk!! Your hubby will LOVE getting his hands on your derriere for this one!

7. Oral Sex & Hand Jobs:

Hey, when all else fails… FYI, make sure your hubby doesn’t blow air into your vagina because it could cause an air bubble creating an embolism. No bueno.

The most important thing to remember is that “this too shall pass”. One day you won’t have National Geographic-size boobs. One day you will feel comfortable with your body again. One day you will no longer have another human being in your belly getting in the way. Ultimately, in marriage, sex is a product of the love and commitment you have for one another. Even if you can’t have sex during pregnancy due to insecurities, health problems or discomfort, it is not the paramount thing that matters. When in doubt, tell each other you love one another and go to the movies. 😉

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  1. Elaine Mingus

    Don’t forget booby sex! Just sayin’. (I’m a mom of five children…so you KNOW I’ve tried it all). And your boobs are so voluptuous!

    • Elaine Mingus

      NOT YOUR BOOBS Deidre…just boobs in general…ya know…universal pregnant mom boobs…geesh…(Get more of my insane foot-in-mouth madness at http://www.superradchristianwriterchick.com)
      BTW…I LOVE your blog layout. I’m copycattin’ your marketing ways!

      • WifeMomSWoman

        HI-LARIOUS. Thanks for clarifying but I figured that’s what you meant! Haha! Thanks for reading and commenting, Elaine!

  2. Melanie

    I loved this post! I even told my husband about it and to be ready! Hahaha “national geographic”size boobs is right! I couldn’t have thought of a way to say it better! This was awesome!

  3. Nicole

    I love this post! Lol I’m 7 months pregnant and it’s kind of hard being intimate with my husband with a big belly in the way!

    • WifeMomSWoman

      I totally remember feeling like that, Nicole!! It’s hard but just try to let go & just enjoy. I hope these tips work for you! Congrats on your baby, & thanks for taking the time to comment!!


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