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DIY Light Up Mason Jar Christmas Scene

DIY Light Up Mason Jar Christmas SceneSince it’s officially November, I think it’s about time we get to postin’ about some fabulous DIY (Do It Yourself) Christmas projects! I’ve asked Amy to jump back in to blog post for me this week to help us get this party started. I’ve seen these beauties at Anthropologie and on Ebay and Etsy – most selling for $15-$35 per snow globe. Amy made each of these for less than $10 a pop! HELLO!

Just an FYI, I went ahead and linked some of the supplies/tools you’ll need to my Amazon Affiliate link suggestions in case you want to order something from the comfort of your home! (No pressure!)

Before we begin, here’s a little bit about Amy…

Recipe & DIY Maven: Amy Hyink
Amy Hyink is a lifestyle blogger and crafter from Temple, Texas. Creatively, Amy is kinda all over the place. Crochet, writing recipes, dabbling in artisan bread baking, refinishing furniture, sewing, you name it, it is probably in her crafty line of fire. Check out her full bio then stop by her blog Pico Picot for delish recipes and more super cool crafts!

Christmas is so soon! It’s hard to believe that it’s less than 2 months away!! I know it’s tempting to wait until after Thanksgiving to start thinking about hall decking, but a little planning now can spare you some serious stress later on. And who doesn’t have plenty of stress to spare during the holiday season?!

This project is really versatile. I usually go for a country/retro thing in my home, but you could easily swap out the trim and little decorations for something that fits your particular style or colors. I realize everyone is going all nontraditional with Christmas colors these days, and this project is easy to adapt to your pink and silver (or whatever crazy not red and green) combo you have going on this year. Me personally, I’m sticking with red and green, but whatever makes you feel festive is absolutely perfect!

Here’s the rundown…


Supplies for Mason Jar Christmas Scenes

  • Mason Jars: I used a wide mouth pint jar, a regular mouth pint, and one regular mouth half pint jar – you can use any variety your have on hand.
  • Mason Jar Lids: One coordinating sized lid per jar
  •  Mason Jar Lid Rings: 2 coordinating sized rings per jar
  • Fake snow
  • Small decorations like mini deer, cabins, and trees
  • Ribbon/trim
  • Small strand of battery powered Christmas lights (mine had 15 lights)
  • You will also need some small scraps of wood (paint stirrers, like the ones from Home Depot or Lowes broken into pieces are perfect), or small pieces of corrugated cardboard
  • A little bit of tape



Steps to assemble a mason jar Christmas sceneMake the Base

1.  Glue the top sides of two lid rings together with a little bit of hot glue.

2.  Wrap ribbon/trim around the seam between the two lids and secure with a small dot of glue.

3.  Drill holes along half of the lid. 3 holes for a regular mouth jar/ 4 holes for a wide mouth jar. Make sure to not drill too close to the edge. Use a few small dots of glue and secure the lid into the ring. Tape off the holes from the bottom so snow wont fall out while you are working.

Set the Scene

Light Up Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial4.  Glue a few of your decorations onto the lid. For shorter decor, glue a few pieces of the wood pieces or cardboard to the bottom of your decoration first. You want your decorations to be elevated above the level of the lid ring. Don’t worry if it isn’t pretty. The fake snow will cover it up!

5.  Once you have your decorations glued into place, place a little bit of snow into the jar, screw on the lid, and shake to settle the snow over the props. Repeat until you have the perfect amount of snow for your scene.

Light it up.

6.  Flip the jar back over and remove the tape from over the holes in in the lid. Slip one light into each hole securing with a little dot of glue. Bundle the wires under the jar, and tape them to the lid.

Repeat this process for each jar. You will probably have a few lights left over that you aren’t using after everything is said and done. Bundle these up and slip under a jar for safe keeping!


DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial in 6 Steps

Show Some Love!

Amy and I would be THRILLED if you would re-pin this bad boy to your holiday Pinterest boards from my board here. Oh, and leave a comment to tell us how AWESOME Amy’s post is today? I’d love for her to hear from y’all! Xo – Deidre


All photo credits: Picot Picot

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  1. angela

    OH MY!!!!
    I adore this !!!!
    If i can somehow magically add a few extra hours in my day I would really love to make these. I’ve been trying to think of a creative gift for my mother in law and I know she would soooo appreciate it.

    THANKS!! As always….YOU ROCK LADY!

  2. Keri

    Such a cool idea! Let’s make some, Dee!! :)

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