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Dear Men of the World

Dear Men of the WorldI am sick and tired of hearing women say, “There are no good men out there” or “All men are the same.”

It just hit me full force today, how little credit men get.

I see so few articles and status updates and books that build men up. It’s all about their porn addictions, or “cheating ways”, or about the deadbeat dads of the world.

Yes, all of that stuff exists.

But I want to take a moment and NOT TALK ABOUT THAT.

I’d like to take a moment and focus on how incredible and fascinating and beautiful men are.

There are good men in the world. In fact there are really good men in the world. Sometimes those men screw up because they are human beings after all. They carry their own insecurities and baggage and fears… much like women.

Oh, if only they could feel loved all the way to the bottom. If even for a moment.

So here it is, a letter poured out from the women of the world to the men of the world.

May we (women) never forget to forgive, embrace and love the way we desire to be loved…

Dear Men of the World,

You are amazing.

We don’t tell you enough how amazing you are.

How strong you are.

How faithful you are.

How daring and dashing you are.

We love to watch you change over the years from tiny wobbly toddler boys to feisty teenagers, to grown burly men.

You are fascinating.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love your love for sports and politics and superheroes. We love to watch you be passionate about the things that drive you and give you life.

We love it when you laugh so hard you could cry.

We love to watch you goof off with each other and cut up about “guy stuff” – whatever that is.

You are so interesting.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love the look in your eyes when you first lay eyes upon your children. The way your soul lights up – like it’s seen real life for the first time.

We love the way you pick up your little ones and throw them up in the air, letting them know they have a man who adores them and treasures their little hearts.

We love the way you would do absolutely anything for them.

You are so protective.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

Dear Men of the World...We love it when you look at us like we’re the only one in the room. You have the ability to make a woman feel like the best thing God’s ever given you.

We love how funny and charismatic you are in public, and yet how tender and thoughtful and sensual you are behind closed doors.

We love it when you wrap your arms around us and make us feel safe.

You make us feel wanted and desired.

You are so intoxicating.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love it when you admit your faults. How you plead with your eyes to forgive you for little things like leaving the toilet seat up, to the big things like taking us for granted.

Sometimes when you screw up we don’t “get it”, but we promise to try. We are committed to understanding how you work.

You matter. You matter so much to us.

Sometimes we forget you’re human and make mistakes. Sometimes we project our past hurts and fears onto you, lumping you in with our jaded perception of “how men are.”

We’re so sorry.

We’re so sorry when we hold onto grudges and don’t give you the honor and respect you’re due.

We’re sorry when we expect you to read our minds.

We’re sorry when we yell and scream and walk out.

We’re sorry when we demasculinize and dehumanize you. Sometimes we forget that you’re worthy of forgiveness and second and third and fourth chances.

We’re imperfect humans who just want to love another imperfect human.

We love your strengths. We forgive your weaknesses. We rejoice in everything that you are, and all that makes you so special to us.

We don’t want to change you. We want to embrace you.

We love you, flaws and all.

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Comment below and tell me one thing you love about the men in your life. Go on, try it. Show ’em some love! More importantly, make sure you tell the men in your life today how much they mean to you. You’d be amazed how much our words have the power to build them up (and break them down). :) 

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12 Responses to Dear Men of the World

  1. Jasmine

    I appreciate my friend Jay for always encouraging me to achieve my wildest dream. He is the definition of an unconditional friend. He deals with my mood swings, does manly things for me ( like put together tables) and reminds me that it ok to lean on someone. Don’t know what I would do without him. Good job on this post cousin!

  2. Catherine

    Love this post and think you are so right — I feel like, in general, men don’t hear how much we truly appreciate them.

    I appreciate the way my husband always shows that he cares for me; He has a natural gift for serving, so lots of times that comes across by doing the house chores that aren’t my favorite (trash dumping, bathroom scrubbing and hauling groceries up the stairs). It’s always the thoughtful little things… He’s amazing!

  3. Emilynn Bryce

    You hit the nail on the head with this one Deidre! I can’t wait to read this to my husband later this evening. These are all things that should be reminded them daily but you’ve written it so eloquently. I also think this should be plastered on every billboard in the U.S. to encourage and strengthen all men!

    <3 your blogs so keep em' coming! Love ya lady!

  4. Abra

    I love how patient my husband, Ben, is with me and how gentle he is when I am weak. He’s a good man and I’m lucky to have him!

  5. Joelle

    Finally, someone says out loud what I’ve always murmured: Men are fantastic creatures. But for some reason it’s always about anyone and anything else on earth but them.
    You did a great job with the post and hope that the example will be followed by many. #MenDeserveMoreCredit

  6. Drea

    So good! I sometimes feel like I can’t brag on my man publicly because we tend to complain about our men as a culture. How lame is that? Hubs isn’t perfect but don’t they deserve to be encouraged as much as we do/desire to be?

  7. Regina

    Wonderful post!

  8. Jessica

    I love this! I love my hubby more than anything he is a good man. I am very privliged to have met him.. I also work on all male team, only lady in the group of 10, but I love every single one of their abilities. They have an amazing amount of respect for me and only seek to build me up (albeit we pick on eachother relentlessly, wouldnt have it any other way). I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the men in my daily life and I really like my life, so a big huge thank you goes out to the men!

  9. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    I adore men. They are so fascinating and puzzling and at times exasperating, but at all times they are pretty incredible! Thanks for the reminder! xo

  10. Carolynn Binnie

    Thank you for this reminder. I plan to give it to my sister on her hen night, so that once the honeymoon is over she does not forget.

    And of course I will be quietly reading it over to myself!
    Thank you so much

  11. Marianne

    Oh Deidre, this was very sweet! My poor husband, I have gotten on his case so much in the past because he didn’t work for many years. Recently I really tried to make an effort to lift him up instead of putting him down and my how things have changed. He’s gained more confidence in himself and being successful again and loves being back at work. Thanks for this reminder :)


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