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Oh hey girl, I’m back & I need your help!

IMG_8405Hello again, Old Friend.

This is the blogger who used to be  really good at  fairly good at posting every week or two.

If you didn’t know already, I’ve been gone for 6 months.

That hurts to write/read. I seriously feel like such a failure.

“Read me! Share my posts! Comment! Be my friend! I care about you!”

And then POOF. I’m gone for 6 months.

I sincerely apologize for leaving you guys high and dry for half a year without any explanation.

The truth is this “Superwoman” is mucho “imperfecto.” I just can’t multitask like I used to, and I refuse to post just to fill up space and to “stay relevant.”

I started this blog as a true passion project. I didn’t do it to make money or gain some huge following or be famous. I literally had a dream in my heart to be real, to go deep, to have a little bit of fun and mostly, to shine a light wherever and whenever I felt lead to by my Dream Giver – Jesus.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (WifeMomSWoman) know that last October I went back to work after staying home with my son for the first 3 years of his sweet life. It was supposed to just be a fun weekend job that’s turned into a nearly full-time Store Manager position at a super cool boutique in Bel Air, CA.

This opportunity popped up out of “nowhere” and has changed my family dynamic in so many amazing ways! It’s also been a major growing pain for me as I’ve tried to figure out how to be an Amazing Mama and Amazing Wife and Amazing Friend and Amazing Housekeeper all while trying to be an Amazing Employee.

NEWSFLASH, DEIDRE: You’re mostly going to be a Good-(fill in the blank) from here on out, with a side of “Amazing” when Grace allows room for it. #SighOfRelief Continue reading “Oh hey girl, I’m back & I need your help!” »

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Dear Men of the World

Dear Men of the WorldI am sick and tired of hearing women say, “There are no good men out there” or “All men are the same.”

It just hit me full force today, how little credit men get.

I see so few articles and status updates and books that build men up. It’s all about their porn addictions, or “cheating ways”, or about the deadbeat dads of the world.

Yes, all of that stuff exists.

But I want to take a moment and NOT TALK ABOUT THAT.

I’d like to take a moment and focus on how incredible and fascinating and beautiful men are.

There are good men in the world. In fact there are really good men in the world. Sometimes those men screw up because they are human beings after all. They carry their own insecurities and baggage and fears… much like women.

Oh, if only they could feel loved all the way to the bottom. If even for a moment.

So here it is, a letter poured out from the women of the world to the men of the world.

May we (women) never forget to forgive, embrace and love the way we desire to be loved…

Dear Men of the World,

You are amazing.

We don’t tell you enough how amazing you are.

How strong you are.

How faithful you are.

How daring and dashing you are.

We love to watch you change over the years from tiny wobbly toddler boys to feisty teenagers, to grown burly men.

You are fascinating.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love your love for sports and politics and superheroes. We love to watch you be passionate about the things that drive you and give you life.

We love it when you laugh so hard you could cry.

We love to watch you goof off with each other and cut up about “guy stuff” – whatever that is.

You are so interesting.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love the look in your eyes when you first lay eyes upon your children. The way your soul lights up – like it’s seen real life for the first time.

We love the way you pick up your little ones and throw them up in the air, letting them know they have a man who adores them and treasures their little hearts.

We love the way you would do absolutely anything for them.

You are so protective.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

Dear Men of the World...We love it when you look at us like we’re the only one in the room. You have the ability to make a woman feel like the best thing God’s ever given you.

We love how funny and charismatic you are in public, and yet how tender and thoughtful and sensual you are behind closed doors.

We love it when you wrap your arms around us and make us feel safe.

You make us feel wanted and desired.

You are so intoxicating.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

We love it when you admit your faults. How you plead with your eyes to forgive you for little things like leaving the toilet seat up, to the big things like taking us for granted.

Sometimes when you screw up we don’t “get it”, but we promise to try. We are committed to understanding how you work.

You matter. You matter so much to us.

Sometimes we forget you’re human and make mistakes. Sometimes we project our past hurts and fears onto you, lumping you in with our jaded perception of “how men are.”

We’re so sorry.

We’re so sorry when we hold onto grudges and don’t give you the honor and respect you’re due.

We’re sorry when we expect you to read our minds.

We’re sorry when we yell and scream and walk out.

We’re sorry when we demasculinize and dehumanize you. Sometimes we forget that you’re worthy of forgiveness and second and third and fourth chances.

We’re imperfect humans who just want to love another imperfect human.

We love your strengths. We forgive your weaknesses. We rejoice in everything that you are, and all that makes you so special to us.

We don’t want to change you. We want to embrace you.

We love you, flaws and all.

show some love

Comment below and tell me one thing you love about the men in your life. Go on, try it. Show ’em some love! More importantly, make sure you tell the men in your life today how much they mean to you. You’d be amazed how much our words have the power to build them up (and break them down). :) 

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This is Me | FAQs of Deidre & WifeMomSuperwoman.com – Part 1

This is Me | FAQ's of Deidre & WifeMomSuperwoman.com - Part 1I’ve been absolutely floored by all of the new Facebook, Instagram (WifeMomSWoman) and Pinterest friends that have discovered WMS in the past week. Wow. Thank you for thinking my blog is cool/interesting/inspirational/funny enough to stick around. You can’t possibly imagine what it means to me.

As most of you know, I currently have a MAJOR giveaway that’s still open here through midnight today, Wednesday December 10th, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST. I’m giving away 18 of my favorite things as a sincere THANK YOU for all of the love and support you gals have shown me over the past three years since I launched the blog. Make sure you go leave a comment on the post ASAP here to enter to win if you haven’t done so already.

Because I have so many new friends here on the blog, I thought it would be fun to do a FAQ post so y’all can get to know me a little better. As most of you know, WifeMomSuperwoman.com is not a “personal journey blog”, meaning, it’s not 100% about me or my life. I sprinkle plenty of stories and personal experiences throughout each post to connect with my readers, but really, it’s more of a platform to explore topics that I love and am passionate about, like faith, parenting, sex/marriage, racism, and how to love others the way I believe we’re called to love – which is all the way to the bottom.

If you’re new to the blog, I strongly suggest you read my first (ever) three posts that really sum up what WMS is all about:

1. My Name is Wife

2. My Name is Mom

3. My Name is Superwoman

How/why did you start WifeMomSuperwoman?

It wasn’t something I planned to do with my life. About three years into my marriage my husband and I decided to leave The Great State of Texas (and our full-blown support system) and moved to Los Angeles. I began to feel alone and trapped. With everyone back in Texas, I longed for the deep connection I’d always had in my life. I knew Jesus loved me and had a plan for my life, but suddenly I was in this Wide Open Space of uncharted territory and the only thing I could do was sit, be still, and listen. I quickly began to understand that the loss of physical connection with people back home was a God-given blessing. It was my time for a shift in gears. It was time to write. One day,  literally out. of. the. blue. God gave me an exact vision of what he was calling me to do: start a virtual home for women across the globe. Continue reading “This is Me | FAQs of Deidre & WifeMomSuperwoman.com – Part 1” »

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18 Unique, Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas for Men & Women // Pssst. I’m giving away ALL of them!

18 Unique Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas for Men & Women | Pssst. Each one is being given away!UPDATE // As of 12:01 AM PST on 12/11/14 this giveaway is now CLOSED and all 18 winners have been contacted via email as of 11:45 AM PST. That being said – PLEASE keep reading and check out all of these amazing gift ideas for your loved ones! Xo – Deidre

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, y’all! Because I love you, and because I love the following 18 items – I’m giving each. one. away. BOOM!

The truth is, I sincerely love giving gifts. I love researching unique “finds” and telling everyone about them. That’s probably why this, this and this gift idea post blew up on Pinterest. Mad props to all who have re-pinned and shopped through these posts!

This year, I wanted to really give back to my readers as a big fat thank you.

I own nearly all of the items listed below, and the few I don’t, you can rest assured I’ve heavily researched to make sure they are up to par. 😉 Details about how to win these babies are at the conclusion of this blog post. And I promise you, it’s very, VERY easy to enter!

Everything highlighted in pink is a hyperlink. Translation: Click on it to shop for each item directly! And, as always, all Amazon links are my affiliate links. Translation: You’ll help me make a little “mula” to buy goodies for my family!

Would you do me a HUGE favor and be sure to re-pin this post on Pinterest here? It’d mean the world to me!

OK, without further adieu – I give you stuff you can BUY and stuff you can WIN for the holidays. #LetterRip

 1. Dom Perignon Candle

Dom Perignon After Party CandleAfter Party Candle Co is like rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and diamonds all rolled into one seriously fabulous candle. No, seriously. As a VIP hostess in Los Angeles, owner Becky Beck knew these rare champagne bottles were meant for more than a night out at exclusive clubs around the world. She brilliantly decided to give each bottle a second chance at life by hand cutting, sanding and pouring soy blended candles into these rare beauties. From the Ace Rose and Gold stunners to the Cristal and Perriet-Jouet classics, you’ll have a plethora of candles to choose from for your spouse, your boss or (of course) to just to keep for yourself. Because I am obsessed with my “Evergreen”- scented Dom Perignon candle, you should have one too, right?! R I G H T.

GIVEAWAY ITEM: (1) Dom Perignon candle in “Evergreen” scent. [RETAIL VALUE: $50 – ]

Make sure you shop her collection here. Stop by and show Becky some LOVE by following her on Instagram (AfterPartyCandleCo), Facebook and Twitter! Continue reading “18 Unique, Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas for Men & Women // Pssst. I’m giving away ALL of them!” »

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Why I Want You to Shut Up About Ferguson

Why I Want You to Shut Up About Ferguson This post is not about who was right or wrong on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, MO.

I recognize that this case matters. The death of Mike Brown matters. 

However, what I feel lead to discuss today is the one thing you and I have control over in this situation, which is our ability to shut up extend compassion and empathy for ALL involved.

Compassion and empathy for white people. Compassion and empathy for black people. Compassion and empathy for mankind.

Violence isn’t healing our nation. Spewing ugly “us” versus “them” comments on Facebook isn’t bringing us closer towards solidarity. I honestly don’t see anything being said today that I’d be proud to have our sons read in the history books 100 years from now.

As I’ve said before in my post about Trayvon Martin, “The road to true equality is paved by discussion and understanding.” I believe that begins with one of the most powerful tools God has given our psyche: empathy.

Romans 12:15 says that we are to “weep with those who weep”.

If you’re a follower of Christ, let me be very clear:

No  matter how you feel about this case, you are called to weep with those who are weeping – our black brothers and sisters who feel like their voices aren’t being heard, the store owners who have lost their businesses, Mike Brown’s family, officer Darren Wilson’s family, and an entire community whose hearts feel crushed during this tumultuous time. Continue reading “Why I Want You to Shut Up About Ferguson” »

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When to Give UP On Someone

When (It's Okay) to Give UP On SomeoneOne of the greatest lessons I’m learning in life is when to give up on people.

I don’t like to give up. Unless I’m mid-work out, of course. 

But giving up on people? That feels like the opposite of what a Superwoman would do. Aren’t we supposed to stick it out until the very end? Follow people ’til they’ve reached the end of their rope and keep reminding them that you’re holding on with them? 

Yes. We’re called to love people all the way to the bottom.

But this is a different kind of giving up. It’s giving UP. Continue reading “When to Give UP On Someone” »

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8 Things You Should Never [Ever] Say to Someone Struggling With Depression (Plus 8 Things You Could Say)

8 Things You Should Never EVER Say to Someone Struggling With DepressionThe bitter part of me wanted to title this post “Sh*t People Should Never Ever EVER Say to Depressed People.” Buuuuut the better part of me decided it probably wasn’t the most approachable (or loving way) to go. #don’tjudgeme 😉

After opening up about my struggles with depression on my blog, I’ve had an overwhelming request over the past two years to post more on the subject. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have encouraged me to do so. You know who you are. :)

Here’s the deal: I want to blow the lid off of clinical depression. I am so over feeling alone. I am so over my friends feeling alone. And I’m mostly over society either turning a blind eye or misunderstanding what depression is altogether. This is my attempt to peel back the layers in a vulnerable and educational way, one post at a time…

For me, depression is like an anchor, a dead weight; like walking through mud. It’s a cloud that sits on the top of my shoulders, sometimes covering my head completely. It’s like a cold night with no covers – never being able to be completely comfortable. But mostly, it’s like walking around in a sort of “Numb Bubble”, watching the world from the “outside”, desperately wishing I could see the rich colors, smell the sweet aromas, and hear real laughter on the “inside”.

Some days it’s feeling like the world will cave in on me. Others, it’s the feeling that I can’t feel a thing. But it’s always, always something I wish I could just will away to be carried off with the wind and yet, when it’s “here”, it just remains.

During the times I’ve struggled with depression, I’ve had some amazing friends who have tried but failed to comfort me, with the sincerest of hearts. I’ve also had the let’s-just-get-over-it-type folks who have either ignored it or minimalized it in an attempt to not feel “uncomfortable” along with me. And then, there are the two or three friends who decided they wouldn’t fake feeling like they understood; they decided it best to just sit in the ugly with me, knowing there was no way to really say or do the right thing.

Because I’d like to spare others from some of the painful things I’ve heard  (or thought to myself) over the years, and because I want to empower folks who don’t struggle with depression to be able to truly be there for the ones they love, I’ve created this list that I hope and pray will inspire a fresh wave of empathy in the hearts that read it.

While in true “Deidre fashion” I can get a bit sarcastic, this post is not meant to make anyone feel bad for saying/thinking these things, but rather it’s a way to begin the dialogue and give the non-depressed folks an authentic peek into the hearts and minds of those suffering. Continue reading “8 Things You Should Never [Ever] Say to Someone Struggling With Depression (Plus 8 Things You Could Say)” »

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10 Daily Confessions|Hopes|Mantras for The Modern Woman.

10 Daily Confessions For The Modern Woman | WifeMomSuperwoman.comI don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I can do  n o t h i n g  right. I want to conquer the world by being the: Best Mom, Rockstar Wife, Ideal Daughter, Selfless Friend, and of course, Blogger Extraordinaire.

Just so we’re clear: I am none of those things.

And just so we’re even more clear: I’m actually OK with that. Most days.

After having a rich, hard, open conversation with my mom late one night a couple of weeks ago, I realized something very, very important to basic human survival — sometimes the greatest things we will ever do in life, are the small, quiet, private things that aren’t necessarily tangible, exciting or noteworthy. Continue reading “10 Daily Confessions|Hopes|Mantras for The Modern Woman.” »

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A Woman’s Wagon: How to Manage The Life You’re Pulling

A Woman's Wagon: How to Manage the Life You're Pulling

I am honored to have a true Superwoman guest blog for me today about a topic I sincerely think every woman should pay close attention to: How the heck to carry The Load without crashing and burning. Can you relate? The following post is already one of my favorites to date, and I hope it inspires, equips and encourages you on your journey, wherever your wagon is headed! Please share this with every woman you can, because as I always say, “We’re all in this together!” Xo – Deidre

Anne W. Lee, M.A., MFTAnne W. Lee, M.A., MFT | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Anne Lee is a conference speaker, writer, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Los Angeles area. She specializes in working with couples for tune-up and crises work as well as women in transition who are facing emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual challenges in all the seasons of life. She has been married 32 years to comedian and director Robert G. Lee, raised and emptied the nest of two adventurous & creative children and lived to tell the tale with a big grin. If she were to get a tattoo it would proclaim: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!

As legendary singer, Lena Horne said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it!”

I think our lives as women could be symbolically represented with a red wagon. You know the type… a classic bright red Radio Flyer metal wagon with the long black handle. As wives, mothers, professionals, career chasers and volunteer mavens, we are charged with an ever growing list of responsibilities that fill our wagon. Our wagons are a unique and immeasurable load we pull behind us from one chapter and season of life to another. Continue reading “A Woman’s Wagon: How to Manage The Life You’re Pulling” »

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35 by 35 | 35 Things I’d Like to Accomplish by the time I’m 35

35 by 35 | 35 Things I'd Like to Accomplish by the time I'm 35I was really inspired by my friend’s blog post today, 35 Before 35. I actually had an entirely different blog post written for this week, but decided to make this list today because well, sometimes you’ve just gotta’ throw your plans out the window and dream. I hope these give you a little glimpse into my heart and inspires you to make your own list! Because let’s be honest, what better way is there to live on purpose than to make a list? 😉

35 Things I’d Like to Accomplish by the time I’m 35:

  1. go somewhere tropical on a girls trip. oh and…
  2. wear a bikini while i’m at it.
  3. forgive myself for something.
  4. write my first novel. and then at least a couple more.
  5. renew my vows for our 10 year anniversary & have a really cool party to celebrate. i always thought i’d have Celine Dion perform at it but that might need to wait for our 20 year anniversary 😉
  6. write “thank you” letters to all the men & women who have helped shaped my soul.
  7. act in a movie or tv show just once. for the record, i have zero interest in becoming famous, but i’d love to do this for fun one day.
  8. sing again. if you know me, you know this is a big deal. (cue the waterworks)
  9. attend my best friends wedding in Africa and…
  10. finally go on an African safari while i’m there.
  11. have another child… or three.
  12. begin the adoption process.
  13. run away with my husband somewhere for at least 2 weeks. no phones, no television…. just us.
  14. get a legit camera & learn how to use it.
  15. pay off our debt and…
  16. buy my mom that red convertible I’ve been promising her since i was little.
  17. share the gospel (much) more often.
  18. stop drinking Diet Cokes… for good. ugh.
  19. have a weekly date night.
  20. jump out of an airplane. yep. i’m dead serious.
  21. go crazy one year for Christmas & get our family tons of stuff they’d never buy themselves. i’ve always wanted to do that.
  22. take our kid(s) to Schlitterbahn in Texas. i grew up going there & can’t wait for our littles to be old enough to go!
  23. attend the Oscars as my husband’s date, since he will have been nominated for an award. hello! #dreamBIGbaby
  24. take one of those Bible tours in Israel.
  25. go scuba diving in Grand Cayman again. my dad took me for my 18th birthday & it was magical!
  26. go to a kite festival. i’ve never been & they always look ridiculously cool.
  27. read the Bible in it’s entirety.
  28. talk to God less, & listen more.
  29. oh, and talk less & listen more in general.
  30. start seeing a licensed professional counselor again. seriously, i think it’s the best investment you can make in yourself!
  31. figure out how to make my hair have those “natural” beach waves. it literally feels like rocket science to me.
  32. read more. like, a lot more.
  33. make out with my husband more. no lie, i seriously love making out.
  34. take professional maternity photos the next time around. i regret not doing that so much!
  35. inspire women all the time & in any way I can.

 Show Some Love!

Please comment below & tell me at least one thing you hope to accomplish in the next 5-10 years of your life. I genuinely want to know! Oh, and if you liked this post you’ll love  The Other Bucket List and How Are You (Really)?


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