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The Meaning of Marriage | My Most Important Blog Post to Date.

The Meaning of Marriage | A powerful post about God's design for the modern marriage.If you’re going to read one post on my blog, I pray this is The One. If you’re brave enough to read this article in its entirety with an open mind and an eager heart, I can almost promise you that you won’t get divorced.

Well, I can’t promise you that, but I can promise you that your marriage will stand a solid, fighting chance at “making it” if you tuck these words away into the deepest parts of your heart.

I’ve wanted to write this post for over a year, and after much contemplation and prayer, I’m putting it out there for the hurting, for the whole, for the singles, the marrieds, for the believers, and the non-believers. My hope is that it will challenge our culture’s relentless and reckless message of entitlement that says, “Marriage is about ME and what I can get out of it.” My hope is that this will save even one.single.marriage.

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30 MORE (Non-Cheesy) Date Ideas

30 MORE (Non-Cheesy) Date IdeasAs a married woman I’m always looking for fun, unique and sexy ways to spice up our date nights. After having a tremendous response to my post, 30 (Non-Cheesy) Date Ideas (with over 400,000 pins – thank you!), I decided it was time to share 30 more that I’ve been experimenting with. Well, there’s a few still on my to-do list… but I’ll leave that up to your imagination. 😉

After reading, would you do me a favor and spread the word by re-pinning it to your Pinterest boards? It’s my passion to encourage women to love their marriages – I hope this reaches as many if not more than my first 30 ideas! Enjoy!

P.s. As usual, all Amazon links are my affiliate links. Which really just means if you buy anything through them, I will make a little money to invest back into my blog!

Here are 30 MORE (Non-Cheesy) Date Ideas:

For the Adventurous:

1.  Go geocaching. It’s a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt. You can either set up your own or find one that a complete stranger has already set up. Seriously though, these are SO. FUN.

2.  Take a ropes course together. You’ll be doing both physical & mental work together, plus you’ll get to be outdoors & meet new people. Guys love that combo.

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How to Date in Marriage

How to Date in MarriageWhether you’re one of the 400,000 (amazeballs) people who re-pinned my 30 Non-Cheesy Date Ideas from Pinterest or not, I’m so glad you found this post. I hope it reignites some passion back into dating your spouse…

I’m becoming more and more convinced that one of the greatest challenges in marriages today is that many of us forget the delicate balance between savoring the comfort and ease of being with someone for X number of years, and never growing too familiar with that person. It almost  feels wrong to say that… a rigid dichotomy between what you want and what you need.

I know everything about my husband. I know very little about him. A strange truth that I’m learning to hold dear…. something I cradle between my hands like a hidden treasure I’m not ready to reveal to the world.

But I have to share it. It’s like magic.

You see, I want to know everything about him. I want to feel completely one with him and never wonder who he is or what he’s thinking. And yet, I want to bask in the wonder of falling deeper and deeper in love and in knowledge with this “Other Soul” for as long as I live.

I want to chase him. I want to catch him. I want both.

I think one of the best ways to hold both ends of the spectrum in balance is to continue to date your husband. As I’ve said before, at some point the “newness” of your relationship will wear off and the breaths of your lives will become in tune with one another, as you cherish the familiarity that comes with years of married life. I don’t think you have to trade one for the other. I think you can still know your husband while getting to know him.

And the best way (I think) to do it is through dating.

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The Super Sexy Six | Six Exercises to Increase Your Sex Drive

The Super Sexy 6 | Six Exercises to Increase Your Sex DriveEvvvvvery once in a while, I like to work out. (Ha!) When I hit the gym or take an outdoor hike, I instantly feel more confident. Don’t you? It’s amazing how a quick, thirty minute workout can change my outlook on life, let alone the bedroom. Studies actually show that women who work out have higher sex drives, so it makes sense that I’d ask one of my fav fellow wives (and team members), Laura Mak, to give us a quick and doable workout to rev up our libidos.

Laura not only knows what she’s talking about, but she makes it genuinely fun! Enjoy!

(And make sure you scroll to the bottom to get a discount code for her workout Ebook if you’re interested!)

Laura Mak
Celebrity Fitness Trainer Extraordinaire
Since her early days in training as an elite gymnast & scholarship athlete, then on to the top ranks as an IFBB Fitness Pro, Laura Mak Quist, MS, has taken her passion for Lifestyle Fitness Coaching to a level only reached by the top echelon in the fitness industry. With over 20 years of experience, this wife & mom (of one adorable little boy) has touched the lives of countless clients through her fun & fabulous workouts!

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11 Tips to Taking Sexy, Classy & Timeless Boudoir Photos

11 Tips to Taking Sexy, Classy & Timeless Boudoir PhotosI love our Resident Photographer, Sarah Foss. And not just because she loves all the things in life that I love: Jesus, pumpkin pie, Real Housewives and Pinterest. But because this girl nearly forced me to get naked for you girls.

OK, wait, that was dramatic. (Sorry, I do that sometimes.)

I didn’t get actually get naked, but after a couple years of prompting, I finally took her advice and let her shoot some sexy photos for My Man. While it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life (because of my own body issues), it turned out to be one of the most liberating experiences of my life! I decided to have her guest post about this because I want every.single.one of you to feel as AMAZING as I felt after! Sarah has graciously included tons of photos she’s taken below to inspire you, along with 11 super solid tips I hope you’ll take to heart. Oh, and there’s a few pics 0f me too – eek! PLEASE “pin” any/all the photos you want! – Deidre

Resident Photographer: Sarah Foss & Apple Rose Photography
Sarah Foss is a lifestyle photographer located in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for photography is unparalleled and her knack for capturing breath-taking shots is off-the-charts. WMS has used her MANY times both personally and professionally. And yes, she is responsible for the headers throughout this site!

Just saying the words “Boudoir Photography” makes most women cringe. (I know, I get it!) The thought of exposing your body to a microscope camera suddenly reminds you of every.single.insecurity. (Again, I get it!)

But here’s the thing – you only live once and don’t you want to capture this beautiful vessel you’ve been given? Whether you’re married, engaged, or just want to do this for yourself – DO IT. If nothing else, it will be really cool when your grandkids find that old dusty box with your bangin’ boudoir photos. Can’t you just hear them now? “Mom! Dad! Did you know grandma was this beautiful!?”

Here are 10 simple tips and tricks that will equip and empower you to walk into your photo session feeling like a seasoned supermodel (and looking like one too)! Continue reading “11 Tips to Taking Sexy, Classy & Timeless Boudoir Photos” »

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3 Ways to Protect Your Heart From Physical & Emotional Adultery

3 Ways to Protect Your Heart From Emotional & Physical AdulteryA few years into my marriage, my girlfriend and I were riding home from work after carpooling for the day. I could tell she had something to ask me, and after a beautiful drive down Highway 360 in Austin, Texas, she mustered up the courage to ask it:

“Do you still find other men attractive, even after being married?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle inside, because it was such a no brainer question to me, and yet it humbled me to think that my single girlfriend would think I was even remotely capable of “turning off” the attraction switch.

My response to her was, “I wish I could tell you that something magical happens when you choose to be monogomous with one person for the rest of your life, that the moment I said ‘I do’ I was able to say ‘I don’t’ to looking at other men and being attracted to them. But the hard truth is, not one thing has changed about my body’s reaction to men. The difference is how I react to my mind and body’s attraction to the opposite sex.”

I could tell I had burst her bubble. She had hoped that my answer would be different. That it would be holier. That it would give her hope that she wouldn’t have to fight the good fight once she said “I do” someday. Continue reading “3 Ways to Protect Your Heart From Physical & Emotional Adultery” »

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SIX Questions Every Couple Should Ask Each Other Before They Get Married

6 Q's to Ask Each Other Before You Get MarriedMy husband and I were best friends for two years, dated for three (and broke up for six months during that time) and have been married for six! It’s been a long, amazing road and yet I realize lately how important it was that we took the time to go into our marriage asking each other the hard questions. With approximately 1 in 2 marriages around us failing, I’m reminded almost daily how important it is to encourage singles to take the time to think through some of these things BEFORE they make a “life long commitment” to another human being.

If you’re single, I hope these questions help you begin to dream, pray and plan for the type of marriage you’d like to have one day. If you’re dating or engaged, I hope these questions REALLY make you think about REAL life with your future spouse. If you’re married, well, it never hurts to practice vulnerability with each other and continue the conversation of love, pain and triumph!

Here are 6 questions I think every couple should ask each other before they get married:

1. Is there ANYTHING I should know that I don’t already know about you? Good, bad or ugly…

I remember when one of my close friends was one month away from her wedding date, and her soon-to-be husband confessed he had been sexually abused when he was younger. She’d known her fiance for years and most certainly thought she knew him 110%. It was shocking and certainly had had an enormous influence on his life. It was brave of him to tell her and yet I’ve known several friends who tuck away sensitive information like this for fear of what their partner will think of them. It’s always best to tell the truth.

2. What does fidelity mean to you exactly? What does “cheating” mean to you?

Is cheating just having sexual intercourse with someone? Is it an inappropriate text or email? Is it calling sex hotlines? I’ve watched many friends struggle with these issues in their marriage – their husbands don’t see it as infidelity even though they know it’s “wrong” and the pain this miscommunication has caused is heartbreaking. Don’t assume the best… have these conversations NOW. Continue reading “SIX Questions Every Couple Should Ask Each Other Before They Get Married” »

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5 Inspirational Quotes on Marriage I L.O.V.E.

We can all use a little bit of inspiration, and today I’d like to share 5 quick quotes on marriage I am obsessing over. I took some time to make them look cute so you can download and/or “pin” them if you dig them! 




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The Vow

The Vow“I, Deidre, take you, My Man, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold (as long as we don’t have to have sex often), from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness (as long as you don’t become mentally ill or disabled) and in health, to love and to cherish (but I’m entitled to yell at you when things don’t go my way), till death do us part. Unless I fall out of love, get tired of you, decide you don’t “complete me” or decide I could find someone richer/sexier/younger/nicer. This is my solemn vow.”

No? You don’t think I said this 2,144 days ago? You’d be right. (WHEW!)

This past weekend my husband and I had the privilege of standing with some of our best friends in their wedding. It was a beautiful union of two individuals who loved each other very, very much. My husband officiated the wedding and I was a bridesmaid. It was pretty cool, actually. I got to walk down the aisle to my husband for the second time in my life!

#ROMANTICAL … I know. :)

This weekend brought back so many memories of my own wedding. It also brought back a flood of memories of the many weddings I’ve attended (and been in) that sadly, have ended in divorce. Continue reading “The Vow” »

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“Redeeming Love” A Book Review & Love Story.

Redeeming Love, A Book ReviewIf you’re like me, you probably steer clear of “Christian fiction” because you assume it’s cheesy, outdated and boring. I kinda feel bad saying that, but I need you to understand how much I didn’t want to like this book when it was given to me to understand why it’s ah-mazing that I like this book enough to review it!

Little did I know that Redeeming Love, written by New York Times best-selling author Francine Rivers, would become my anthem song in life. The redemptive arc of this love story brought my own life into perspective during a time I desperately needed to see “True Love” on display.

It has sold well over one million copies and currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 1,375 reviews.  Now are you interested?? Continue reading ““Redeeming Love” A Book Review & Love Story.” »

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