Here at WMS you’ll find a Team of people who I consider experts in their field. I’ll call upon this Team quite often, to weigh in on unique topics. These folks share the vision of WMS, are fun, smart, sassy and totally inspiring!
WifeMomSuperwoman: Deidre Guillory
I am your average wife, mom and superwoman who loves her man, her babe and the world around her. I am the primary content creator here at WMS. I reside in sunny Southern California with my husband of 8 years, and precious 3 year old son. Originally from Austin, TX, I graduated from Texas State University with a BA in Psychology. After working in Corporate America followed by a stint in the Real Estate Industry, I transitioned to full-time Wife, Mom and Blogger in September of 2012! Wife.Mom.Superwoman is my passion project, and I hope you feel inspired and lifted up after each post!
Recipe & DIY Maven: Amy Hyink
Amy Hyink is a lifestyle blogger and crafter from Temple, Texas. Her blog Pico Picot is a space for her to share her recipes and DIY projects, as well as promote the homemade goods for sale in her etsy shop. Creatively, Amy is kinda all over the place. Crochet, writing recipes, dabbling in artisan bread baking, refinishing furniture, sewing, you name it, it is probably in her crafty line of fire. One of the greatest passions in her life is trying out new crafts, techniques, and recipes. She also happens to be married to my cousin, which makes her EXTRA special! Stay tuned as she shares her fabulous ideas with us this fall!
Celebrity Fitness Trainer Extraordinaire: Laura Mak
Over the past 20 years certified fitness expert Laura Mak, has used her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from Michigan State University and various other certifications to help others live a fit lifestyle.

Since her early days in training as an elite gymnast and then on to the top ranks as an IFBB Fitness Pro, Laura has taken her passion for Lifestyle Fitness, Online Women’s Fitness Training, and Pre and Post Natal Specialist to a level only reached by the top echelon in the fitness industry. She’s had the pleasure to work with a variety of clientele including professional athletes, entertainers and top CEO’s. Laura has been interviewed, featured, and contributed articles as a Fitness Expert in numerous health and fitness magazine publications including Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness HERS, SELF, and FITNESS just to name a few! In addition, she has been interviewed or featured on Fox Sports, ESPN2, TBS, and local affiliates of NBC, ABC and WB. Laura lives in Southern California with her husband and new baby boy. We at WMS think she ROCKS! Laura will be providing some seriously awesome in-home work-out routines, mommy&me workouts and overall health tips. Check out her site!

Celebrity Fashion Stylist: Jammie Sean Smith
Born and raised in Texas, Jammie Sean Smith had a passion for the entertainment industry at a very young age. After high school Jammie moved to Los Angeles, CA where she became a celebrity fashion stylist. Jammie has worked widely in the music and fashion industries, not only styling for music videos, photo shoots and award shows, but utilizing her talents to design for tours and television events.

Jammie has worked with Usher, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Mariah Carey… just to name a few.

Nine years after soaking up the SoCal sun, Jammie took her talents to New York City to make the transition from behind the scenes to in-front of the camera. Her extensive fashion knowledge and love for people made an easy segue to host an entertainment segment for Style Music Network. After a brief three years in New York, Jammie is back in Texas pursuing her journalism career and enjoying styling her favorite client of all-time, her one year old son, Kingston Cruz Smith. Check out her site!

Resident Photographer: Sarah Foss & Apple Rose Photography
Sarah Foss is a lifestyle photographer located in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for photography is unparalleled and her knack for capturing breath-taking shots is off-the-charts. WMS has used her MANY times both personally and professionally. She will be popping in frequently, with super cool how-to’s for your point-and-shoot and of course… just show you some GORGEOUS photos! And yes, she is responsible for the headers throughout this site! Check out Apple Rose Photography!
The Male Guru: Gerald Bowie
Guru: A teacher or master; a learned man; one who shares his knowledge to enlighten all ignorance and works for the mass thus uplifting society by imparting knowledge.

At least that’s what urban dictionary says. Ha.

Gerald is a Houston native and University of Texas graduate (hook ’em!). Gerald is a man’s man. He loves all things-dude: food, Xbox, his wife, football, and men’s fashion. Any woman within a 50-mile radius of Gerald calls him for advice on gift ideas for their men, marital advice and to get a really, REALLY good laugh. He works for Apple by day, and sniffs colognes at Saks by night. He quite literally lives and breathes men’s cologne.

We’ll hear from Gerald when it’s time to get your guy a gift for the holidays… or when we just need a dude’s opinion on something. We at WMS love Gerald not just because he knows his stuff, and not because he can make my husband laugh like a 12-year old little girl… but most importantly, he’s my son’s Godfather. Enough said!